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Managing this process is a key factor in meeting demand in globalized markets, where logistics chains compete.

About Us

CRS Logistics Group, is a Company Founded in Miami, Florida – United States. It focuses on the entire process of planning, management and control of the flow of materials and products, which includes the information and services related to said process.

We have Business Partners in all the Continents of Asia, Europe and America for an effective and comprehensive logistics for our clients.

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Our Services

Air Transport

Ideal for urgent shipments of perishable goods or of high monetary value.

Marine transport

Supports greater movement of goods, both in containers, bulk or liquids.

Ground transportation

Ideal for urgent shipments in short and medium distance sections of up to 2,500 km.

Courier Transportation

Excellent for personal or business orders that do not exceed a certain order value, depending on the customs of your country.

Avaible Routes

In international trade operations, some aspects that imply risks or responsibilities for the parties that sign the sales contract must be taken into account, such as:




South America

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